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Nova – The Future of Additive Electronics

Introducing Nova, a revolutionary platform from Voltera for the research and development of printed electronics. Ideal for flexible and stretchable electronics, microdispensing, and functional materials research, Nova is a comprehensive solution to meet your additive electronics needs​.

With Nova, you can unlock new possibilities in the world of electronics. This platform is designed to be cost-effective, lightweight, bendable, and integrated into structures, providing a competitive advantage in the development of electronics. Additionally, Nova's additive technology offers materials freedom, enabling the creation of new applications in wearable electronics, biomedical devices, printed sensors, and more​.

When working with Nova, you have the freedom to choose your materials. Whether you have a specific substrate or ink in mind, Nova can help you answer the questions: "I have this thing and I want to print on it — what ink can I use?" and "I have this ink — what can it print on?" This makes Nova an excellent choice for those working in the field of flexible hybrid electronics​.

Nova is used by a number of prestigious institutions, such as ACI, USC, UHawaii, Duke, and more, highlighting its utility and effectiveness in various fields of research and development​