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Product description

The Voltera V-One is a revolutionary desktop PCB printer designed to make prototyping and assembly of PCBs a breeze. With a price starting from 36.000 DKK, this machine is built to provide you with fast, low-volume prototyping at your fingertips.

With its 4-in-1 functionality, the V-One encompasses everything needed to prototype PCBs. It has the capability to drill through-holes and vias, print traces, dispense solder paste, and reflow, all within its compact form. This device allows you to print and assemble functional PCBs in an hour, enabling swift iterations and immediate feedback on new designs. This speedy process aids in identifying design errors early and reducing time to market.

The V-One is designed with an intuitive user experience in mind, making it suitable for all skill levels. Whether you're a student learning about PCBs in a classroom or an industry expert, the V-One is designed to make the process of PCB prototyping easy. Moreover, it facilitates intellectual property protection by allowing the entire prototyping process to be kept in-house.

The V-One features a variety of innovative capabilities including circuit printing, drilling, solder paste dispensing, and built-in reflow. The circuit printing feature allows you to create traces and pads by printing conductive ink. The drilling feature can be used for drilling holes for through-hole components and vias for two-layer PCBs. Stencil-free solder paste dispensing improves solder joint quality over manual application, and the built-in reflow feature allows you to reflow solder PCBs directly on the build area without needing a dedicated reflow oven.

The V-One is aimed at making PCB prototyping more approachable. It shortens the development time by providing quick feedback on new designs. It encourages creative problem-solving with the possibility of quick in-house prototyping. The device also provides a hands-on learning experience for students and young professionals, offering new opportunities to develop technical skills while bringing projects to life.

The V-One also improves PCB assembly with its solder paste dispensing and built-in reflow capabilities. It enables direct dispensing of solder paste onto your board, thereby eliminating the need for expensive design-specific stencils and stencil storage. The controlled dispensing reduces soldering defects caused by inconsistent manual solder paste application, leading to less rework. Moreover, with a built-in heater, there's no need for a standalone oven, contributing to a cleaner work area.

The V-One is equipped with status LEDs that indicate important information about the machine's status and a 4.5” x 5” print area with clamping features to secure PCBs during the printing process. The entire print area heats up to cure conductive inks and to reflow solder components. The machine also features limit switches that locate the tip of the tool in XYZ space.

The V-One is trusted and used by thousands of users, including academic institutions like Princeton, Stanford, Western University, and industry giants like NASA, ACI, and NextFlex. Esteemed organizations vouch for its effectiveness and efficiency. Sir James Dyson, Inventor & Founder at Dyson, highlighted the V-One's ability to solve the frustration of waiting for circuit boards, while David Holdsworth, Scientist at the Robarts Institute at Western University and Professor of Medical Biophysics at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, praised the V-One's aptness for a teaching environment where rapid turnaround and iterative design and fabrication excite students