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FLUX HEXA | Beyond Your Profession Laser Cutter

Immerse yourself in an elevated experience of laser cutting and engraving with the FLUX HEXA. A flagship product in the FLUX lineup, the HEXA goes beyond the ordinary, offering powerful features for professionals and hobbyists alike.

HEXA houses a potent 60W CO2 laser, capable of delivering precise cuts and beautiful engravings with ease. Its maximum engraving speed of up to 900mm/s, combined with a high resolution of 1000 DPI, ensures flawless execution of every project. The larger working area, 33% more expansive than the Beambox Pro, is perfect for handling bigger projects and bulk orders without compromising on precision or quality.

One of the standout features of the FLUX HEXA is its far-extended lifespan laser tube, which outlasts the Beam Series, ensuring a longer, uninterrupted run for your projects. The HEXA's efficiency goes beyond its powerful laser, as it is designed to streamline your workflow with just a finger click.

The HEXA isn't just about power and speed; it's also about adaptability. It can easily handle cutting thicknesses of up to 10mm, varying by material, and is compatible with multiple file formats including JPG, PNG, SVG, and DXF.

A built-in HD camera enhances your experience further, providing you with real-time monitoring capabilities for your ongoing projects.

In essence, the FLUX HEXA combines power, speed, precision, and longevity, creating a reliable, high-performance solution for your laser cutting and engraving needs.