Pantheon HS3

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Product description

Introducing the Pantheon Design HS3 3D printer - the ultimate 3D printing solution for professionals and hobbyists alike. The HS3 boasts cutting-edge features and a sleek design, delivering unparalleled speed, reliability, and precision.

The HS3 is designed to withstand daily rigors of heavy use, from bumps and neglect to being slammed into the side of a box truck, ensuring your printer stays in top condition. Additionally, our hot-swappable printhead can be changed in just one minute, and our rigidly mounted hot end allows for one-handed nozzle changes, making the printer easy to service and reducing maintenance needs.

The HS3 motion system features precision 15mm ball screws and linear guides, with Teknic Clearpath servo motors on X and Y axes, and NEMA 23 motors and TMC 5160 drivers on Z, delivering smooth and accurate movement, ensuring that every print is of the highest quality.

The HS3 printhead is designed with extensive computational simulation and real-world validation to maximize speed and reliability. It features billet 6061 aluminum construction, a high flow 1040 steel hot-end, and 8mm hardened steel direct drive, with a maximum temperature of 500°C and 100W heaters, allowing the printer to handle even the most challenging materials. The patent-pending nozzle contact probing system ensures that prints are accurate and precise, regardless of the surface they are printed on.

The build tray of the HS3 features a cast aluminum tooling plate with a high force magnetically attached build plate, kinematically mounted to eliminate warping during heat cycles. The build plate can reach a maximum temperature of 130°C, thanks to the 500W heater, and is coated with both smooth and textured PEI, offering exceptional adhesion and print quality.

The HS3 is designed exclusively for use with Pantheon's material library, which includes a range of composite materials that have been proven reliable in various applications, from farm equipment to race cars. Current materials include Carbon Fiber PETG, Carbon Fiber Nylon, and Glass Fiber Nylon, with more materials to come.

The HS3 is easy to use, with 100M Ethernet and 100M WIFI connectivity options and a 7-inch IPS touchscreen interface, allowing you to control your prints, adjust settings, and monitor progress with ease. We provide all service documentation to our users, enabling you to maintain your machine without downtime or drama.

Overall, the Pantheon Design HS3 3D printer is the ultimate 3D printing solution for all your needs. With its rugged design, cutting-edge features, and ease of use, the HS3 delivers unparalleled speed, reliability, and precision, making it the perfect tool for bringing your ideas to life.

This kit includes everything you need to get started with the HS3 3D printer, including the printer itself, 1 installed nozzle, 2 spare nozzles, 1 build tray, 1 spare build tray, 1 refillable filament cartridge, 1 spool of Carbon Fiber Co-Polyester (PETG) filament weighing 3kg, 1 bed preparation kit, and 1 nozzle tool. Plus, the kit comes with a warranty for added peace of mind.


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