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🌟 Discover the Future of 3D Scanning with AutoScan Inspec 🌟

Precision Meets Automation: The AutoScan Inspec, a fully automatic desktop 3D inspection scanner, is a marvel of SHINING 3D's innovative technology. Seamlessly integrating high-accuracy 3D scanning with 3D inspection, it's designed to capture even the most intricate details with metrology-grade accuracy.

Metrology-Grade Accuracy: Harness the power of advanced blue-light 3D scanning technology. With an accuracy within 10ΞΌm, the AutoScan Inspec ensures that every scan meets the highest standards of precision.

Fully Automated Experience: Say goodbye to manual adjustments. With its 3-axis for multi-angle scanning, the AutoScan Inspec offers a 1-click scan experience, allowing users to obtain 3D scans effortlessly and rapidly.

Capture Every Detail: Dual 5 mega pixel cameras ensure that even the smallest and most complex objects are scanned with unparalleled detail.

Powerful, User-Friendly Software: The Ultrascan software, tailored by SHINING 3D for industrial applications, boasts an intuitive interface and easy operation. Seamlessly export 3D data to leading CAD/CAM systems, enhancing your workflow efficiency.

Versatile Applications: Whether it's non-contact measurement, quality control, reverse engineering, or product design, the AutoScan Inspec is your go-to solution for all your scanning needs.

πŸ’‘ Why Choose AutoScan Inspec? For professionals who demand perfection, the AutoScan Inspec is the epitome of precision and efficiency. Its automated features, combined with its metrology-grade accuracy, make it an indispensable tool for a wide range of industries.