How To Pick A 3D Scanner For The Automotive Aftermarket

by amigo on Oct 18, 2023

How To Pick A 3D Scanner For The Automotive Aftermarket


In the automotive aftermarket industry, 3D scanners play a crucial role in bringing physical objects into the virtual space, allowing for the creation of custom automotive parts. 3D scanning offers benefits such as quality control, reverse engineering, simpler prototyping, quicker design cycles, accurate measurements, and cost-effectiveness. Different types of 3D scanners, including laser triangulation, structured light, photogrammetry, and time-of-flight scanners, offer their own advantages and limitations. The scan-to-print workflow involves capturing the object using a 3D scanner, refining the mesh, editing the model, slicing it for 3D printing, preparing for printing, and post-processing. For automotive customization, handheld 3D scanners using structured light or laser triangulation are recommended, considering factors like accuracy, resolution, ease of use, and compatibility with different surface types. The article concludes by mentioning the BigRep 3D printers as an industrial-quality and cost-efficient solution for large-scale production of complex parts in the automotive industry.

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