TPC-ESD KIMYA natural 1.75mm / 750g - 3DVerkstan Danmark
TPC-ESD KIMYA natural 1.75mm / 750g - 3DVerkstan Danmark

TPC-ESD KIMYA natural 1.75mm / 750g

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Product description

In addition to its electrostatic discharge protection, the Kimya TPC-ESD 3D filament offers high chemical resistance and excellent impact resistance, making it ideal for applications that require flexible, yet durable parts. This makes it particularly suitable for use in the electronics industry where sensitive components and devices need to be protected from electrical discharge and other harmful elements.

The TPC-ESD formulation has a Shore hardness of 91 A, making it an elastic material with a good balance between rigidity and flexibility. This Shore hardness is the measure of the material's hardness, resistance to deformation, and flexibility. It makes it ideal for printing flexible parts that are used in industries such as textiles, roofing, and packaging.

One of the key benefits of the Kimya TPC-ESD 3D filament is its ease of printing. It is designed to be easy to handle and print, which makes it an attractive option for both industrial and domestic users. Furthermore, it is compliant with the REACH regulation and the RoHS directive, which means it meets the high standards for safety and environmental protection that are required for many industrial applications.

Finally, the Kimya TPC-ESD 3D filament is backed by a 2-year warranty from Kimya. To ensure that it maintains its properties and performance, it should be stored away from light, humidity, and heat.