TPC-91A KIMYA black 1.75mm / 750g - 3DVerkstan Danmark
TPC-91A KIMYA black 1.75mm / 750g - 3DVerkstan Danmark

TPC-91A KIMYA black 1.75mm / 750g

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Product description

The Kimya TPC-91A 3D filament is a versatile, flexible and high-quality elastomeric material suitable for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. It's made from a copolymer of two types of monomers: an ester (a rigid segment) and an ether (a flexible segment), making it a thermoplastic copolyester. This unique composition gives TPC-91A its hallmark combination of chemical and impact resistance, along with a Shore hardness of 91A, making it an ideal choice for the production of flexible parts.

The TPC-91A filament is easy to print with and provides high levels of elongation, which is particularly useful for applications where flexibility is a key requirement. It also complies with the REACH regulation and the RoHS directive, ensuring that it's safe and environmentally friendly to use.

Whether you're printing flexible parts for the electronics, textiles, roofing, or leisure industries, the Kimya TPC-91A 3D filament is an excellent choice that delivers both performance and reliability. So, why wait? Make the most of its benefits today and start experiencing the flexibility and durability of TPC-91A for yourself. To ensure that the properties of the product are maintained, store it away from light, humidity, and heat. And remember, the Kimya TPC-91A 3D filament comes with a 2-year KIMYA warranty, giving you the peace of mind that you need to confidently create high-quality, flexible parts.