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Meltio Engine CNC Integration

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    Meltio Engine CNC Integration - 3DVerkstan Danmark

    Product Details

    Hybrid Manufacturing Integration

    Turn any machine tool into an hybrid manufacturing system with no inherent size constraints. The Meltio Engine is the ideal CNC complement for near net shape manufacturing, repair and feature addition.

    The most affordable hybrid manufacturing solution, fitting almost any CNC machine in the market. Enable metal 3D printing and machining of complex geometries in a single process step.

     View the application catalogue here

    Hybrid Manufacturing

    Create highly complex parts with machining tolerances in the same process.



    Provide new capability to any CNC machine by turning it into an hybrid metal manufacturing system.


    Part Repair

    Cost-effective component repair, part augmentation and feature addition.


    Geometry Freedom

    No inherent constraints when the working envelope is only limited by the size of the motion system.


    Open Materials Platform

    Meltio recommends printing the bulk of the parts with metallic wire – the cleanest, safest and lowest cost metal feedstock in the market.