Material Station - S5

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Streamlining the 3D Printing Process with the Ultimaker S5 Material Station The Ultimaker S5 Material Station enhances the efficiency and workflow of the Ultimaker S5 3D printer. When connected to the Ultimaker S5, the following features are added:

  1. Multiple Material Access: The Material Station allows for up to 6 material spools to be loaded from the front of the Ultimaker S5. The 6 different material bays are displayed on the Ultimaker S5 display and configuration menu, and the NFC material is automatically read and displayed when loaded.

  2. Automatic Filament Switching: In case of an end-of-filament situation during printing, the Material Station will automatically switch to the next available material spool of the same type. It is recommended to always have another spool of the same material loaded in the same extruder.

  3. Humidity-Controlled Material Storage: The Material Station features a reliable humidity-controlled storage chamber that keeps the loaded spools in optimal condition.

The Material Station, along with the Ultimaker S5 and Air Manager, form the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. This bundle provides a comprehensive and integrated 3D printing solution for industrial and professional applications.