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Form Cure L

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    Form Cure L - 3DVerkstan Danmark Form Cure L - 3DVerkstan Danmark

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    Post-curing maximizes material properties for stereolithography prints, improving parts’ strength and performance. Form Cure precisely combines heat and 405 nm light to consistently post-cure prints.


    After printing, parts are post-cured to maximize the strength and performance of the material properties. This process is accomplished by precisely combining heat and 405 nm light.

    Form Cure is designed for curing parts printed on Form 3 and Form 3B, and can also be used for curing smaller parts printed on our large format 3D printers, Form 3L and Form 3BL

    Compatible with Form 3, Form 3L, Form 3B, Form 3BL, and Form 2.

    Post-Curing, Simplified

    Our automated post-curing solution, Form Cure, includes custom settings that maximize material performance, ensure consistent dimensional accuracy, and meet biocompatibility requirements for each Formlabs material with just the push of a button.