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Product description

Uninterrupted Precision

Introducing the Form Auto - a groundbreaking hardware extension tailored for the Form 3/3+ 3D printers. Dive into a world where finished parts are automatically removed, and the next print begins without a moment's pause. Say goodbye to printer downtime and hello to 24/7 productivity.

Always On, Always Printing

With Form Auto, your 3D printer is always available, always ready, and always printing. It's not just about efficiency; it's about redefining the boundaries of what's possible.

High-Throughput 3D Printing

Unlock the true potential of your 3D printing operations. With Form Auto combined with Fleet Control and the High Volume Resin System by Formlabs, you can scale capacity with demand, producing parts faster and more affordably than ever before.

Cost-Effective Production

Imagine reducing your cost per part with autonomous 24/7 printing. With Form Auto, back-to-back prints become the norm, transforming your throughput and making high-quality production more affordable.

Simplified Workflow

Before Form Auto, manual intervention was a given. Now, with Formlabs' patented Quick Release Technology and Build Platform 2, parts are automatically removed and placed in a UV-safe container, ready for post-processing. It's about making the complex simple and the time-consuming instantaneous.

Remote Control & Monitoring

Manage your print queues from anywhere, anytime. Start a print from your office and let Form Auto handle the production on the manufacturing floor. Plus, with Fleet Control, you can monitor and review finished parts remotely, with an onboard camera capturing each print as it completes.

Maximize Your Efficiency

Form Auto isn't just a tool; it's a revolution. It ensures your printer is always primed for the next task, scaling effortlessly with your workload. Your 3D printing fleet has never been this powerful.

Ready to redefine your 3D printing operations? Dive into the future with Form Auto.

Experience automation like never before. Choose Form Auto today.