Rigid 10K Cartridge - 1L

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Product description

Formlabs Rigid 10K Resin is a highly glass-filled material that provides exceptional stiffness and strength to your 3D printed parts. It is ideal for creating precise industrial components that are required to withstand heavy loads without bending or deforming. The resin's high tensile modulus, as indicated by the "10K" in its name, makes it the stiffest material in Formlabs' engineering resin portfolio.

Rigid 10K Resin has a smooth matte finish and is also highly resistant to heat and chemicals, making it suitable for use in demanding industrial applications. The resin produces highly accurate and detailed prints, with excellent precision and sharp edges, making it a great choice for producing concept models, prototypes, and end-use parts.

To achieve the best results with Rigid 10K Resin, it is important to note that post-curing is required. This resin also supports print resolutions of 100 and 50 microns, giving you the ability to produce high-quality, finely detailed prints.