High Temp Cartridge - 1L

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Product description

Formlabs High Temp Resin is a specially formulated material that is designed to withstand high temperatures and perform under stress. It is ideal for printing prototypes that require high thermal stability, such as components that are exposed to high heat during manufacturing or operation. With a heat deflection temperature (HDT) of 238 °C @ 0.45 MPa, this resin is the most heat-resistant material available in the Formlabs library of Engineering Resins.

In addition to its heat resistance, High Temp Resin also offers excellent print quality and detail. With print resolutions of 100, 50, and 25 microns, you can create prototypes that are precise, detailed, and ready to use straight from the printer.

However, it is important to note that post-curing is required after printing with High Temp Resin. Additionally, a separate Resin Tank is required for High Temp Resin V1 and V2, and the lifetime of these tanks may be impacted when using this resin. Be sure to read our support article for more information on Resin Tank compatibility, lifetime, and maintenance.