Color Base 800 ml

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Product description

With the ability to mix an unlimited number of colors, the Formlabs Color Kit empowers users to bring their most vibrant and imaginative designs to life. Whether you're creating prototypes, models, or final products, the Color Kit offers a fast and convenient way to add color to your parts.

The kit includes a suite of tools and accessories to simplify the color mixing process, including Color Pigments in a range of shades, a Stirring Rod, and a Mixing Container. The result is a durable, consistent, and vibrant color that is perfect for a wide range of applications, from product design to artistic expression.

Formlabs is dedicated to delivering advanced 3D printing technology to professionals and enthusiasts alike. With the Color Kit, we're bringing a new level of creativity and versatility to the desktop 3D printing market, allowing users to take their designs to the next level.