Draft Resin Cartridge V2 - 1L

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Product description

Introducing the new and improved Draft Resin for your 3D printing needs! This cutting-edge material offers lightning-fast print speeds, making it the perfect choice for initial prototypes and rapid iterations. With speeds up to four times faster than Formlabs standard materials, you can bring your products to market sooner and with greater efficiency.

Prints made with Draft Resin boast a smooth, grey finish and exceptional accuracy, even at high speeds. Whether you're printing at 200-micron settings for fast results or at 100-micron settings for finer details, this versatile resin can handle it all.

Not only is Draft Resin fast, but it also offers an optimized workflow that minimizes support removal, wash, and cure times. The result is a more professional appearance and an easier overall user experience.

This new version of Draft Resin is a reformulation of a previous version and offers a range of improvements, including an improved surface finish and a more polished look. With support for print resolutions of 200 and 100 microns, you have the flexibility to choose the best setting for your project.

Say goodbye to slow and time-consuming 3D printing and try Draft Resin today!