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    EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark EINSCAN PRO HD - 3DVerkstan Danmark

    Product Details

    Improves the Efficiency of High-quality 3D Modeling

    • Impressive high resolution for fine details

    • Handle dark and casting metal surface with less limitations

    • Fast scan speed for high efficiency

    Inherited multi-functional and modular design of EinScan Pro series handheld 3D scanner, EinScan Pro HD delivers unparalleled performance in capturing high resolution and accuracy by handheld scanning. Exceptional versatility and powerful optimizations come together for the ultimate high-efficiency and professional-grade 3D scanning experience. It is reliable assistant for designers and engineers who care about high quality 3D modeling.

    Impressive High Resolution for Fine Details

    By adopting a new structure light projection modular, the stripe pattern scanning which was traditionally used in Fixed Scan Mode is now utilized to Handheld HD Scan Mode.


    By 0.2mm minimum point distance setting with optimized algorithm, it brings high resolution and accuracy in handheld scanning as good as under fixed scan.

    Less Limitations of Scan Objects

    With new lighting projection hardware and software algorithm, EinScan Pro HD is capable to scan a wider range of objects of dark or black color and casting metal surface, enriching the capability for 3D scanning of materials.

    Fast Scanning Speed and
    Data Transmission

    EinScan Pro HD has a dramatic breakthrough in scanning capability, processing up to 3,000,000 points per second under handheld scan mode, and less than 0.5s for every single frame in Fixed Scan Mode. USB 3.0 provides high speed data transmission.

    High Accuracy for High
    Quality 3D Modeling

    By kinds of positioning methods, both scanner or
    objects can be moved during scanning.
    It delivers accuracy up to 0.04 mm
    in Fixed Scan Mode. Under handheld scanning mode by marker alignment, the volumetric accuracy is up to 0.045mm+0.3mm/m.

    Modular Design for a Wide Range of Applications by Multi Scan Modes and Data Alignments

    Modular designed Color Pack, Industrial Pack as optional add-ons to EinScan Pro HD extend your scanning experience for more applications. Multiple positioning methods,
    including feature alignment, marker alignment, turntable coded targets alignment, manual alignment and texture alignment (with Color Pack ) , greatly enhance the scanning efficiency without additional preparation.

    Take the Portable EinScan Pro HD Anywhere You Go

    Ergonomic designed EinScan Pro HD with a light weight, you can easily take the scanner anywhere you go; easy plug-and-play let you run the scanner without complex installation; the compact size allows scanner moving freely with unlimited scanning experience.

    Package Size
    37 X 36.5 X 13.5 cm

    1.13 KG

    Accuracy of EinScan Pro Series Scanners

    Factory tested accuracy according to VDI/VDE 2634 standards.

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