Color Kit

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Product description

The process of using the Color Kit is simple and straightforward. First, start by installing the Color Base into the printer and then add the desired color pigment. The Color Base and pigment are mixed inside the printer to create the final resin color. Once the resin is ready, you can begin printing with your desired color. The 3D prints will have a matte, opaque finish, and the color will be consistent and vibrant throughout the entire print.

The Formlabs Color Kit is compatible with Formlabs printers and offers a wide range of color options, making it easy to create 3D prints that fit your specific needs and project requirements. Additionally, because the color is integrated into the resin, there is no need for any manual finishing or painting, saving you time and effort.

It's important to note that the Form X material requires extra steps for successful printing, so make sure to follow the instructions carefully. But with the Formlabs Color Kit, you can bring your concepts to life and field test your product designs more quickly, with 3D prints that fit their environment.