Air Manager - S5

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Product description

Enhancing the 3D Printing Experience with the Ultimaker S5 Air Manager The Ultimaker S5 Air Manager elevates the 3D printing workflow and efficiency. When connected to the Ultimaker S5, the following features are added:

  1. UFP Filtering: The Air Manager covers the top of the Ultimaker S5 and facilitates inside-out air flow. The air passes through an E10 filter that captures Ultrafine Particles (UFPs).

  2. Optimized Material Compatibility: The Air Manager automatically adjusts its fan speed to optimize print quality for each material used.

  3. Physical Barrier: The enclosed top protects users from reaching inside the machine during operation and ensures that external particles do not impact the print result.

The Air Manager is part of the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, which also includes the Material Station and the Ultimaker S5. The Air Manager can also be added to an Ultimaker S5 without the Material Station.

Please note that the Air Manager is not compatible with the Ultimaker S3 and is not the same as the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager.