BigRep Turns Up The Heat With HAGE3D Acquisition

ved amigo pĂĽ Nov 07, 2023

BigRep Turns Up The Heat With HAGE3D Acquisition

In an exciting move, BigRep has announced its acquisition of HAGE3D, marking a significant milestone in its mission to offer innovative Additive Manufacturing technology and solutions. This partnership will expand BigRep's capabilities and propel the company towards its vision of becoming a full-solution ecosystem for a wide range of low to high-temperature applications. The collaboration with HAGE3D will enable BigRep to provide a comprehensive portfolio of industrial 3D printers and a wide range of high-performance thermoplastic materials. The acquisition emphasizes the companies' commitment to intelligent FFF technology and the production of complex, large-format functional parts. Both BigRep and HAGE3D are poised to drive innovation and redefine manufacturing practices in the 3D printing industry.

Read more: https://bigrep.com/posts/bigrep-aquires-hage3d/

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