Vibratory Tumbling (Vibratory Finishing) for SLS 3D Printed Parts

by Christian on Sep 25, 2023

Vibratory Tumbling (Vibratory Finishing) for SLS 3D Printed Parts

Vibratory tumbling, also known as vibratory finishing, is a well-established method of improving the surface hardness and smoothness of different materials. Traditionally used on metal parts to deburr them after machining or pressing, many manufacturers now rely on vibratory tumbling as a vital post-processing step for 3D printed parts as well. 

Specifically for selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printed parts, which can sometimes have a slightly grainy surface, vibratory finishing can help make them ready for end-use or smooth their integration into functional assemblies. 

Read this guide for an introduction to vibratory finishing for SLS 3D printed parts and watch our webinar to see the full results of our tumbler comparison, testing results, and learn more about the workflow.