UltiMaker Cura 5.5 stable brings engine plugins and increased printing productivity!

by amigo on Oct 25, 2023

Experience improved model arrangement on the virtual build plate, powerful new engine plugins, and remarkable productivity improvements for UltiMaker S series printers in the newest version of Cura! UltiMaker S series printers can now print at up to twice the speed. This release includes optimized print speeds for different line types, smooth internal wall pathing, and prevention of infill crossing close to walls. Higher speeds and quality improvements are also available for AA 0.8 mm print cores. Cura now features engine plugins that allow for fundamental modifications to how Cura works. Streamlined model duplication and arrangement features have also been added. Additional improvements include a new donation button for funding Cura's open-source development, a new Apple Mac build for users with ARM processors, and numerous bug fixes. Read more: Contact us at Phone 93404337 and email