The Next Generation of 3D Printed Surgical Instruments

by Christian on Sep 27, 2023

The Next Generation of 3D Printed Surgical Instruments

restor3d is on a mission to empower surgeons and healthcare providers who repair and reconstruct the human body. The company has pursued an approach driven by additive manufacturing due to its design freedom and affordability, which offer a path to disrupt traditional medical markets. 

The restor3d team drives innovation in precision surgery by changing the way implants, surgical instruments, and preoperative models are developed and utilized. Traditional instrumentation systems are slow to evolve, have significant upfront costs, and often present complications in the surgical workflow. restor3d leverages 3D printing capabilities to drastically improve surgical care delivery by printing procedure-specific and often patient-specific metal implants and polymer instrumentation.

With a fleet of over 25 Formlabs 3D printers in its production line, restor3D is already printing the next generation of surgical tools. Their products are helping to:

  • Replace large, expensive surgical trays with single-use, procedure-specific tools.
  • Dramatically reduce supply chain and sterilization costs for hospitals.
  • Reduce the need for intraoperative navigation systems via patient-specific instrumentation.

Read on to learn from restor3D’s team and surgeons working with their tools how 3D printing is enabling the creation of accessible and truly personalized medical devices.