Efficient Analysis of Automotive Mold Assembly through the FreeScan Combo

by Christian on Sep 14, 2023

Efficient Analysis of Automotive Mold Assembly through the FreeScan Combo

In the automotive industry, obtaining accurate 3D data from narrow cavities in molds is crucial for successful mold simulation assembly analysis. However, the small opening and dead-end areas in these cavities present significant challenges in scanning. This case study explores how SHINING 3D’s FreeScan Combo 3D scanner addressed these pain points and provided engineers with a reliable solution for acquiring complete 3D data.

Challenges in Scanning Narrow Cavities in Automotive Molds

In this case, the automotive molds to be scanned contain narrow cavities with limited accessibility. The inner cavity’s small opening, measuring approximately 30 cm in length and 20 cm in depth, presented a formidable scanning challenge. Moreover, numerous dead-end areas within the cavity further complicate the scanning process.

Scanning the inner cavities with the FreeScan Combo

Compact and Accurate Solution: FreeScan Combo 3D Scanner

SHINING 3D’s FreeScan Combo provided the ideal solution to overcome the scanning difficulties. With its compact dimensions of 193mm x 63mm x 53mm and a mere weight of 620g, the FreeScan Combo offered unmatched portability and flexibility, making it perfect for navigating narrow and complex mold cavities.

The FreeScan Combo’s optimized camera angle allowed for better data acquisition in tight spaces and deeper holes, ensuring complete and accurate 3D scanning results. Its exceptional accuracy, reaching up to 0.02mm, met the stringent requirements of industrial measurements, instilling confidence in the virtual assembly results.

Efficient Molds Assembly Analysis

By importing the 3D data of the molds scanned by FreeScan Combo into the 3D software, the mold assembly can be carried out in a virtual environment, no longer relying on the traditional trial assembly method, and can be quickly and accurately adjusted and optimized. This greatly improves efficiency and accuracy, saving time and costs.

Assembly analysis

In conclusion, SHINING 3D’s FreeScan Combo 3D scanner has successfully addressed the challenges of scanning narrow cavities within automotive molds. Engineers now acquire complete 3D data, enabling seamless mold simulation assembly analysis.

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