by Christian Behrens-Thomsen on Jun 29, 2022


The partnership between 3DVerkstan Nordic and Danrobotics A/S, enables a unique possibility in the metal 3d printing landscape, for applications previously not deemed feasible or economical. 

3DVerkstan is a leading supplier of solutions for industrial and business 3D printing and Danrobotics has a proven track record in the development and production of high-end robotic solutions. The two companies have complementary strengths and expertise.

The partnership with Danrobotics will bring much-needed robot AM capabilities to Denmark. With many years of experience in robotics, Danrobotics is the best partner for 3DVerkstan, Meltio, and Danish companies, to bring metal 3D printing with robots to the Danish market. We look forward to showcasing the system in September at AM Summit 2022. - Christian Behrens-Thomsen | Country Manager 3DVerkstan Danmark ApS

Danrobotics is an industrial robot system integrator who, since 2002, has delivered robotic solutions varying from simple automation to highly complex turn-key solutions for entire production lines, as well as service of all kinds of robotic solutions. The business area ranges widely from logistics, installation, production, and welding robot automation. As a system integrator, Danrobotics has extensive expertise in making many types of technology and peripheral equipment work successfully together, and we work only with high-quality equipment suppliers.

This partnership is well-aligned with Danrobotics strategy to strengthen our business within robotic applications such as laser welding, cutting, and 3D Printing. The Meltio product fits our portfolio well, as it is an innovative and high-quality product that will give our customers many new options. I am very excited to bring our skills together to develop great and productive 3D printing robotic solutions for our customers. We believe strongly in this technology for prototype development, small batch production, spare parts production, cladding, and model design. That's why we'll soon have a demo system set up at our company, so we can show our customers the possibilities. And we already have several customers who are interested in a demonstration – Kim Koertsen | Group CEO Danrobotics A/S

Robotic technology is relevant for all industries that work with metal parts

The competencies of our companies complement each other well, as Danrobotics contributes with extensive experience in industrial welding robots and positioners, and have a long history of integrating complex technologies into complete production cells. We see a great need for the integration of 3D printing with robots to increase productivity and competitiveness in cheaper prototype manufacturing, low-volume production series, spare part production, cladding, reinforcement of surfaces of products subject to high abrasion – and a lower cost of materials where there is a need to print two materials onto one product. We see the integration of 3D printing with robotic technology as relevant for all industries that work with metal parts. 3D Printing / Additive manufacturing can be made with mild steel, stainless steel, Inconel, and titanium. Some of the materials can even be combined in the 3D printing process, so there is an incredible range of opportunities.

We are thrilled to be working with companies like Danrobotics and 3DVerkstan as their expertise as well as customer-centric approach are exactly what we are looking for when incorporating partners in the Meltio partner ecosystem. Together, they will be able to cater to the ever-growing needs of the Danish market for larger and more complex metal parts using the Meltio Engine Robot Integration. - Francisco González | EMEA Channel Sales Manager at Meltio

Next level production with this powerful solution 

The partnership between 3DVerkstan and Danrobotics is a strategic one, as it allows both companies to offer a complete solution to their customers. Danrobotics brings its expertise in robotic automation to the table, while 3DVerkstan provides its knowledge and experience in 3D printing. Together, the two companies offer a powerful solution that can help businesses take their production to the next level.

We have seen an increased interest in complete metal 3D printing solutions, therefore we need to strengthen the Danish AM market. With the knowhow from Danrobotics and 3DVerkstan we can provide the market with complete metal 3D printing solutions. 

About Danrobotics

Danrobotics is your partner in robotics and automation. We develop, install and service robotic solutions in all industries. We aim for our robotic solutions to create value and increased competitiveness, through higher productivity, greater stability, and a healthier working environment.

Our mission is to gear our customers' production to the future using innovative and sustainable robotic solutions. We are a team of 30 extremely skilled and competent experts who have delivered more than 500 robotic solutions all around the world.

Danrobotics is located in Middelfart, Denmark, and has a subsidiary in Neumünster, Germany. Read more here:

About 3DVerkstan

3DVerkstan is and has been a strong driving force for additive manufacturing in Sweden and Scandinavia since its inception in 2014. With a knowledge-based and close-knit team, we use, challenge and develop today’s 3D printing technologies and applications together with our customers.

Through close collaborations with industry-leading 3D printing companies such as Ultimaker, Formlabs, Markforged, Meltio, MiniFactory and Nexa3D, we ensure product quality as well as service and support. Through our reseller network, we have customers all over the world.

3DVerkstan has extensive experience and knowledge of 3D printing, 3D scanning and CAD work. We know that 3D solutions can be applied in all industries and that everyone has different requirements. In addition to services and solutions, we also offer tailor-made courses in hardware, software and design for 3D technology. Over the years, we have helped many companies on their way to a digital transformation.

About Meltio


Meltio takes metal additive manufacturing to the next level by developing high-performance, affordable, and easy-to-use metal 3D printing solutions using wire LMD technology. 

The company’s mission is to delight customers, partners and employees by pioneering the development of affordable metal 3D printing systems that are reliable, safe, and powerful, continually reinforcing their status as disruptors. 


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